Vol 43, No 2 (2015)

Journal of the Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers

Table of Contents


The production and Characterization of Ultrafine-Grained Metal Sheets Produced by Accumulative Roll Bonding Process Download PDF Download PDF
F. Riaz, T. Ahmad, M. Kamran, M. T. Munir, F. Hussain, M. U, Manzoor, R. Ahmad 1-8
Casting Simulation of Extruded Ceramic Filters: A perspective study
M. S. Qayyum, T. A. Tabish, M. Ali, M. Kamran, T. Z. Butt 9-14
Direct Boundary Element Method for Ideal Flow over the Surface of a Joukowski Aerofoil Using Linear Element Approach PDF
T. Akhtar, M. Mushtaq, G. Muhammad, Y. N. Anjam, R. Hussain 15-22
A. Sahar, M. Mushtaq, G. Muhammad, Y. N. Anjam, R. Hussain 23-30
Synthesis and characterization of salicylates and anthranilates of group II metal ion
A. Munawar, A. I. Durrani, M. A. Shehzad, A. K. Durrani 31-40
Gravimetric Corrosion Rates Analysis Of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel And Aluminum In Process Industry
M. Z. Shah, M. Younas, M. B. K. Niazi, S. Gul, I. Ahmad, M. Humayon 41-44
Phase based Study of Solidified Structures evolved during the TIG welding of 2219-T87 Aluminum Alloy
W. Ahmad, G. H. Awan, T. Ahmad, M. T. Z. Butt, L. A. Kasuri, M. Kamran 45-56
Optimizing the performance of Hybrid: Induced-Forced Draft Cooling Tower Download Article Download PDF
S. Gul 57-66
Reduction of Sulfur and Ash of Salt Range Coal by Froth Flotation Technique
A. Hameed, W. A. Khan, K. R. Kazmi, M. A. Bhati, K. Shahzad 67-74
Effect of Starting Microstructure on Material Removal Rate (MRR) of AISI 1045 Steel in (Die-Sinking) Electric Discharge Machining
M. R. Zafar, M. A. Mehmood, A. Inam, M. M. A. Bhutta, M. Ishtiaq 75-84
Electroless deposition of high phosphorus Ni-P, Ni-Al2O3-P, Ni-Cu-P coatings and their corrosion behavior in 0.5M Na2SO4 solution
T. Ahmad, R. Bashir, G. H. Awan, M. Kamran, A. Ahmad, L. A. kasuri 85-92
Investigation of the Optimal Compositions of Rust Converters through different Electrochemical and Characterization Techniques
F. Riaz, T. Ahmad, M. T. Z. Butt, M. Kamran, F. hussain 93-97
Optimization of Counter Flow, Single Pass Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Header Using CFD Analysis
M. M. A. Bhutta, A. M. Qureshi, M. Q. Saleem, M. H. Shah, M. U. Mirza 99-108
Two Axis Motion Simulator: Design And Dynamic Analysis
M. M. A. Bhutta, A. M. Qureshi, H. Z. Warraich, M. I. Masood, M. S. Ehsan 109-117
Desulfurization of coal by solvent leaching method
M. Saeed 119-125
A chemical reaction method to dope MnO in ZnO to study structure and morphology
I. M. Dildar, F. Gul, A. Shuaib, S. Riaz, M. Habib 127-132
Factors Influencing the Formation of Producer gas from Coal and Biomass; A Review
S. Hussain, A. A. Malik, K. Shahzad, N. A. Akhthar, N. Ali, A. Chughtai 133-147
Factors Causing Wettability Variations in Reservoirs and their Effect on Flow Effecting Parameters
M. K. Zahoor, F. Mehmood, J. Akhtar, R. Muneer, R. Latif 149-156

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