Phase Behavior and Compositional Analysis of Hydrocarbons Part 2: Algorithm Development and Case Studies

Muhammad Khurram Zahoor, Javaid Akhtar, Muhammad Haris


In the previous section of this study, it has been discussed that how flash and differential vaporization process can be conducted in the laboratory as well as how the numerical solutions can be obtained. In this section, state-of-the-art algorithm development for in-house software designing has been discussed to analyze both processes, numerically. The flow charts have been formulated for code formation and software development, leading to efficient data processing for hydrocarbons. The obtained results show accurate and timely data handling and its processing, to analyze phase changes of each component present in the hydrocarbon mixture (H.C.M). So, developing in-house software for such purposes is highly recommended.


Vaporization Algorithms, Vaporization Estimator, Flash Vaporization, Differential Vaporization

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