Carbon dioxide Sequestration in Geological Sources: A Useful Way to Mitigate Global Warming

Muhammad Haris, Muhammad Khurram Zahoor, Muhammad Saleem Khan, Javaid Akhtar


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is considered to be one of the greenhouse gas, which is responsible for global warming and consequently has harmful effects on human life. The increase in CO2 quantity is due to the anthropogenic activities and increased rate of burning fossil fuel for energy. As it is difficult to control CO2 emissions due to use of fuels, there is need of adopting the useful technique to overcome this problem. CO2 sequestration is regarded as a better solution for this. It is a method of capturing the CO2 from environment and then storing that in such conditions from where it could not be brought back to atmosphere. This will ultimately helpful in decreasing its quantity in atmosphere. In this paper an overview is being presented to understand sequestration techniques and emphasis is given to sequester CO2 in depleted/active gas or oil reservoirs because of having more capacity and economic feasibility as compared to other methods. It is recommended to investigate reservoir properly before injection to avoid any leakage or related problems.


CO2 sequestration, Supercritical CO2, Coal seams

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