Dehydrogenation of Methylcyclohexane for On-board Hydrogen Use: Catalyst Development and Performance

Muhammad Rashid Usman, David L Cresswell, Arthur A Garforth


The 1.0 wt% Pt/g-Al2O3 catalyst was prepared in-house and the detailed methodology of the catalyst preparation technique is described. The catalyst was subjected to a variety of characterization techniques such as XRD, EDAX, SEM, NH3-TPD, and BET surface and was tested in a 1.02 cm I.D. fixed bed reactor for the dehydrogenation of methylcyclohexane. The effects of various operating variables on the dehydrogenation performance of the catalyst were studied. The methylcyclohexane conversion was observed to increase with an increase in space time, reactor wall temperature, and addition of nitrogen in the feed, however, the opposite was observed for an increase in the reactor pressure. With addition of hydrogen, the methylcyclohexane conversion was increased only at atmospheric pressure otherwise it decreased.

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