Hydrodynamics of Mesh Cylinder-Packed Fluidized Beds

Tanveer Iqbal, Muhammad Mahmood Ahmad, Masooma Rustam, Saima Yasin, Muhammad Zafar


The hydrodynamics of packed fluidized beds is investigated by employing open ended mesh cylinders and non-metallic fluidized solids. For a fairly wide range of air flow rates, the size of fixed packing and fluidized solids has a considerable effect on pressure drop, velocity of minimum fluidization, interstitial and beds porosities, while mesh no. of fixed packing has no significant effect on hydrodynamics of packed- fluidized beds. Prior to the onset of fluidization, the experimental pressure drop across the packed-fluidized beds is correlated by Carman equation. Beyond the point of minimum fluidization, the experimental pressure drop is compared with pressure drop calculated by an equation normally used for conventional fluidized beds.

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