Development of an Isocyanate terminated Polyurethane Oil and Solvent Resistant Sealant

Tanveer Iqbal, Muhammad M Ahmad, Saima Yasin, Masooma Rustam, Asif Ali Qaiser


Polyurethanes are the elastomeric compounds having novel applications and benefiting mankind in many ways. The present work relates to the development of isocyanate terminated polyurethane that shall be locally available and having best characteristics for oil and solvent resistance acting as a sealant. Polyurethanes have excellent resistance to oils and solvents, good aging, abrasion and tear resistance. These sealants can be used to prevent corrosion by applying coating of sealant and to prevent moisture entering into the buildings. The work methodology is so that first there is a selection of compounds acting as a sealant having oil and solvent resistance than preparation method and reaction conditions are finalized. Finally some necessary tests of performance are conducted. An isocynate terminated polyurethane sealant produced from hydroxyl-terminated polysulphide to toluene diisocyanate reaction produced under 4:1 molar ratio and at temperatures of 1200C was found to be the best oil and solvent resistant sealant.  There are certain weak areas, which are highlighted.


Sealant, Isocyanate terminated Polyurethane, Oil Resistance, Solvent Resistance

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Published by Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)

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