Electrochemical activity of Electrodeposited-Lead dioxide-mixed-oxide composite Anodes

Muhammad Amjad


Mixed-Lead-oxides electrodeposited on Stainless steel from Ca2+ , Ba+2 , Sr2+, Al3+ and Mg2+ containing Pb(NO3)2 aqueous electrolytes in the presence and absence of Ce(NO3)3 have been subjected to polarization in aqueous Sulphuric acid electrolytes,  with and without n-butanol, for their electrochemical characteristics in consequence of anodic processes realized on these electrodes. Steady state techniques have been employed for the purposes of determination of their electrochemical behaviour to get insight into nucleation and growth of mixed oxide deposits, oxygen evolution reactions and for the oxidation of simple alcohols and chemical stability of the anodes.


Electrochemical activity; Electrodeposited-Lead dioxide-mixed-oxide composite; Anodes

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