Efficient Emergency Response in Chemical Laboratory during Explosion Using Multi-Agent Systems

Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Junaid Arshad, Amjad Farooq, Ayesha Iqbal, Tariq Mahmood, Asifa Aslam


On time information and efficient response are very critical aspects for handling any chemical expulsion. Multiple systems to handle emergency situations in chemical laboratory/industry during chemical processing/explosion have been proposed in the literature. Some of them use good decision support systems whereas some other get benefits from multi agents for chemical expulsion management. However, all entities involved in such systems require human activities which may result delay in response, consequently can cause huge life and economical losses. In order to tackle the problem, we use multi-agent systems whose several features like re-activeness and pro-activeness are effectively utilized. The proposed agent based architecture comprises of components which are responsible for timely acquisition of information after chemical expulsion, from different sensor network installed on potentially dangerous chemical labs or sites. This information is then communicated to several in-charge agents for cooperation and coordination for efficient response through a central management unit. Our main contribution is the enhancement of the emergency response process for mass causality incidents through the use of sensor technology and automatic information and command flow.


Chemical Explosion; Multi-agent; Solutions; Issues; Chemical Industry; Emergency

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