Doped Metal Oxide (ZnO) and Photocatalysis: A Review

Arshid Mahmood Ali, Ayaz Muhammad, Dr. Amir Shafeeq, Hafiz Anwar Asghar, Nadir Hussain, Hamed Sattar


Morphological, structural, optical and electric properties of metal oxide (ZnO) can be tailored through doping of either anion or cation. The doped ZnO thin films and/or powder could possibly increase the photocatalytic properties of ZnO provided that it is being doped preferably either to have p-states near the valence band similar to other deep donor levels in the semiconductor or decreased band gap to realise its catalytic potential under solar irradiations. This could be attained by paying special attentions to the type of dopant (anion or cation), preparation protocols and its extent or concentration in doped ZnO thin films/powder.


doped zinc oxide thin film, surface morphology, photocatalysis, hyperchromic shift, anionic andcationic dopant

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