Substitution of Pd Catalyst with Ca-Zn in Commercial Production of PVC Products On Industrial Scale

Shahid Naveed, Naveed Ramzan, S. Anam, H. Ali, Muhammad Zafar


PVC is a thermoplastic and amorphous polymer with no fixed melting point. Since the glass transition temperature (Tg) of PVC is 78 °C and degradation temperature is 120 °C, The PVC manufactured by addition of heat stabilizer agents at 200 °C. The heat stabilizer agents are added to restrict degradation process. Generally, lead based heat stabilizers are being used in PVC pipe industry. While the efforts in the world are focused on minimizing the use of Lead from PVC pipe industry because of its hazardous nature, the focus of the study is to evaluate the operational parameters for PVC pipe manufacturing process by substituting the lead based heat stabilizer with Ca-Zn based stabilizer. The effect of Bearlocher, Sunace and Dansuk were selected for study. PVC pipes and other products were manufactured and tested as per standard. The quality of finished product is tested and ensured as per P.S. 3051/91 standard. The results of successful trials of each stabilizer are compared and final recommendations are made on the basis of technical and economical advantage.

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Published by Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)

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