A Technical Feasibility Study and Environmental Impacts of Green Cement Production from Recycled Fly Ash in Pakistan

Hafiz Miqdad Masood, Sajjad Haider, Umair Javed, Najaf Ali, Sadiq Hussain, Muhammad Ashraf


This Research includes that how to switch from prior techniques towards the green cement. Green cement is environment friendly and less producing the carbon dioxide in the environment. First of all it seems that the possibility of best replaceable recycled material which is fly ash. There are set of materials which can replace the cement in making concrete like the rice husk, sugar cane, furnace slag etc. but we have worked on fly ash as recycled material which has the same constituents required for making cement and fly as required less amount of energy as fly ash already burned that’s why generation of carbon dioxide is less. In this thesis we have calculated the percentage amount of fly ash to limestone used for green cement production. In present study it can be replaced 80 to 100 percent of cement by fly ash but for this purpose we have to use sodium based activator. In this research work it have been found the best place for green cement plant in Sindh (Pakistan) in plant location and discussed all factors that affect the plant location.


Green Cement, Limestone, Particle Size, Fly Ash, Clinker, Loss on Ignition (LOI).

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