Analytical Study of Some Chemical Engineering Equations Via an Efficient Method

Dr Rashida Hussain


In this paper, another new strategy Aboodh transform homotopy perturbation technique (ATHPM) [4] has been utilized for comprehending the chemical engineering equations. This strategy is a coupling of Aboodh integral Transform and the homotopy perturbation technique. This strategy does not require discretization, and linearization. The nonlinear term in the differential equation can be effortlessly taken care of by homotopy perturbation technique and a few instances of these equations are unraveled as cases to show capacity and unwavering quality of the proposed strategy. The proposed technique gives the solution in an arrangement frame that merges quickly to the exact solution in the event that it exists. The comes about uncover that the blends of ATHPM strategies are very able, for all intents and purposes well fitting for taking care of such the problems. Additionally, this strategy is discovered that a superior elective strategy to some current strategies for such sensitive issues.


Aboodh integral transform; Homotopy perturbation Method; He’s polynomials

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Published by Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)

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