Characterization of Pakistani Coal and Biomass Blends

Junaid Khan, Rafi Ullah Khan, Abdullah Khan Durrani


Coal is Blackish color sedimentary rock which occurred in layer forms. There are certain ranks of Coal which can be found in different areas of World. It can extract from different mining techniques. The analysis of coal and Biomass blends. By using this technology the low grade coal converts into a valuable material which is used as fuel for domestic, commercial and industrial purpose. Biomass Blends are made of Pakistani coal with different Biomass, bagasse, coconut shell, Coconut waste and saw dust i.e. High Gross calorific value coal is used to blend with biomass of high calorific value and low ash content. Purpose of low ash content is not to effect the environment. The technique was to determine whether which type either Biomass and coal blend to be used for the burning and to give an idea for their use in generating steam for energy production. Which can be used in different types of Gasifiers/boilers i.e circulating fluidized bed. Gross calorific value was determined on the basis of heat basis blends and weight basis blends with net calorific value determined in same heat basis blends and weight basis blends. Net calorific value was determined using Dulong formula.


Coal; Saw Dust; Coconut shell; proximate analysis, GCV, NCV, blending

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Published by Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)

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