Effect of Top and Bottom Gating System in Sand Casting of Aluminum Alloy Al 6063-T5

Kareem Akhtar, Aqib Masood Khan, Qazi Salman Khalid, AbdurRehman Babar, Shakir Azim, Rehman Akhtar, Feroze Shah, Naeem Khan


During casting process of light metals mold filling significantly affect the casted part. Top and bottom gating system is the most significant design consideration in sand casting. It directly effects the mold filling pattern and solidification time. In this research work, the effect of varying gate sizes with top and bottom configuration on the ultimate tensile strength, solidification time and mold filling time was analyzed. For this purpose, eight experiments were performed by varying top and bottom gating sizes while keeping all other parameters constant. ASTM standard samples were prepared and MTS machine was used to observe the UTS of samples. The Matlab software was used to draw the graphs to analyze the effect of top and bottom gating system on UTS. Bottom gating system exhibits better UTS contrary to top gating system.



Top and bottom gating system, solidification time, Ultimate tensile strength, Aluminum Alloy6063 T5,

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