Removal of Suspended Solids and Turbidity from Wastewater Using Natural & Primary Coagulant

Najaf Ali, Shoab Zaheer, Waqar Ali Khan, Shahid Raza Malik


Various techniques have been developed to treat the water before discharging into environment. One of such techniques is coagulation. In the current research a coagulant aid (Eucalyptus bark) has been identified as an effective addition which results in 11-15% decrease in overall consumption of primary coagulant (Aluminum sulfate). The objective of study is to reduce total suspended solids (TSS) and turbidity from the sewage water using a primary coagulant along with a natural coagulant aid. Maximum total suspended solids (TSS) removal is achieved using  aluminum sulfate and eucalyptus bark as natural coagulant aid at particle size of 60 mesh, pH of 8 at 1.0 g/L feed rate and temperature of 30 °C


Waste water, removal, suspended solids, turbidity, natural coagulant

Full Text: JPIChE 45(2) 2017 ID 352

Published by Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)

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