Synthesis, Characterization and anitimicrobial studies of Novel Quinoline metal Complexes.

A. Pervaiz, M. Pervaiz, M Sagir, R. Tanveer, M.M. Athar, A. Munawar, A. Zaman, A. Adnan


Quinoline based ligands like substituted 3-acetyl 4-hydroxyquinolines (3-acetyl 4-quinolones) were prepared and provided for the preparation of complexes with metals i.e. cobalt, cadmium and manganese by condensation and cyclization methodology and the prepared material was later cyclized in biphenyl. The complexes were prepared through oxygen of hydroxyl and acetyl groups attached to the ligands. These complexes were also analyzed through different spectroscopic techniques involving AAS and FT-IR,spectra. The complexes were also characterized using XRD analyser. ML2 is the general formula of the complexes. The synthesized complexes were very stable. These compounds were also examined for the biological activities. i .e. The antibacterial and antifungal activities of the compounds were performed by taking jointly the substance under study and the microorganisms. The results showed that complexes exhibited more biological activities. The substance may be in any physical state like liquid solid or gas. Physical properties i.e. boiling point, viscosity, diffusion and solubility of the samples must be under concern.


Substituted quinolines, metals i.e. cobalt, cadmium and manganese complexes, o-ansidine, ethyl acetoacetate, dowthermA,triethylorthoformate, acetyl hydroxy methoxyquinoline.

Full Text: JPIChE 45 (1) 2017: 24-35

Published by Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)

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