Synthesis and characterization of salicylates and anthranilates of group II metal ion

A. Munawar, A. I. Durrani, M. A. Shehzad, A. K. Durrani


Salyclic acid is widely known for its interesting biological functions and medicinal applications. Anthranilic acid also has pharmaceutical applications and other industrial applications as in the production of dyes, corrosion inhibitor and perfumes. It is sometimes called as vitamin L1. In the present work, group 2 metal salicylate and anthranilate complexes were prepared by the reactions of alkaline earth metals ions (Mg2+, Sr2+, Ca2+, Ba2+ and Be2+)  with salicylic acid and anthranilic acid. All the complexes were crystalline. The yield of salicylate complexes was low, however anthranilate complexes were prepared in good yield. The complexes were characterized with the elemental analysis, infrared spectroscopy and UV/visible spectroscopy. The results of this analysis indicates the formation of the desired complexes. All the complexes are stable and do not melt on heating up to 250oC. The biological activity of metal salicylates was also studied. All the complexes showed inhibition of various strains of bacteria and moulds except Ca salicylate, which appears to stimulate bacterial growth.


Salyclic acid, Anthranilic acid, group 2 metal ions, Infrared spectroscopy

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