Reduction of Sulfur and Ash of Salt Range Coal by Froth Flotation Technique

A. Hameed, W. A. Khan, K. R. Kazmi, M. A. Bhati, K. Shahzad


Salt Range coal is one of the major coal field of Pakistan situated in Punjab. Salt Range coal has high sulfur (02.60% – 10.70%) and ash contents (12.30% – 44.20%). This causes severe environmental problems. In the present study, effect of different parameters on Reduction of Sulfur and Ash of Coal by Froth Flotation method is studied. Salt Range Coal having 5.23% Sulfur and 30.24% Ash Contents was used in the experiments. Denver Flotation cell available at Mineral and Processing Lab PCSIR Lahore was used in experimentation.  Flotation was studied using different coal concentrations and particle size. Kerosene oil was used as collector, Pine oil as frother and Sodium Silicate as depressant in this study. The effect of parameters such as collector, frother and depressant concentration as well as agitation speed (RPM) was studied. Coal concentration and particle size were found significant. Collector concentration, frother concentration and depressant concentration were also key parameters whereas RPM also affects the reduction of sulfur and ash.


Coal, Froth Flotation, Collector, Frother, Depressant

Published by Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)

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