A Comparative Study of Vapor Liquid Equilibrium of Binary Mixture of Ethyl Acetate and Ethanol Mixture

Muhammad Daud, Farrukh Shehzad, Anwar Ul Haq Khan, Umer Mehmood


Vapor liquid equilibrium data of mixture gives significant information regarding the separation process of components, such process is important in many petroleum and petrochemical industries. In this study, vapor liquid equilibrium data for binary mixture of ethyl acetate and ethanol was generated using thermodynamics modeling. The calculations were based on activity coefficients approach, using Wilson and Van Laar Model. x-y diagrams, isobaric T-x-y diagrams and isothermal P-x-y diagrams were produced and compared with experimental results in the literature, the predicted data showed very close agreement with the experimental data. The activity coefficients calculated by the models also showed a consistent agreement with the experimental data.  The effect of pressure and temperature upon the azeotropic composition was also studied, which showed that azeotropic composition shifts to a lower value upon a rise in temperature and pressure.


Wilson model, Van-Laar model, equilibrium, ethyl acetate, azeotropes.

Full Text: 204_JPIChE 44 (1) 2016 204_JPIChE 44 (1) 2016

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