Optimizing the performance of Hybrid: Induced-Forced Draft Cooling Tower

S. Gul


In this research a hybrid cooling tower has been proposed to cool down hot water to near ambient air temperature. Hybrid cooling tower means a cooling tower with induced and forced draft mechanism in a single unit with central facility. After facbricating the pilot scale hybrid cooling tower, effects of different parameters, packing heights and configurations in the forced and induced draft sections were investigated for optimum performance of the cooling tower. Maximum efficiency of 92% was achieved with water to air flowrate ratios of 1.82 kg/kg per unit volume of cooling tower with same packing heights configuration, both in forced and induced draft sections of the hybrid cooling tower. An empirical correlation was also produced for calculating the optimum operating conditions of the tower. The developed correlation is in good conformitry with experimental data.


hybrid cooling tower, forced-induced draft, empirical modeling, response, effects

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