M. Z. Emad, Z. Ali, F. Noor, Z. Anwar, H. Ali


In cut‐and‐fill mining method ore is exploited horizontally, starting from a bottom undercut and moving upward. Drilling and blasting technique is used to remove ore from the stope. When the stope is completely mined out, the empty space is backfilled with a slurry of tailings. Sometime cement may be added to the backfill. This fill supports the stope walls as well as provides a working platform for equipment for the mining of the next horizontal block. Cut and fill mining systems may also employ furnace slag as a backfill material.  Stability of backfill is very important for a successful mining operations.  Studies on slag backfill highlight critical aspects of the design, recipe and design validation.  This research work focuses on backfill selection for the case study and testing program on slag samples for water to cement ratio, granalometry, curing time, and quantity of accelerator. Various tests were performed on the slag, attempting to find the best slag to cement ratio for back filling. The paper presents testing procedure and detailed results.


underground mining, cut and fill, backfill, slag testing

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Published by Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)

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