Comparative Analysis of Emissions from Motor Vehicles Using LPG, CNG and Petrol as Fuel in Lahore

Rizwan Hameed, Naveed Ahmad Bhatti, Obaidullah Nadeem, Sajjad Haydar, Muhammad Arif Khan


Vehicular emissions are recognized as the main contributor to worsening pollution level particularly in cities of developing countries. The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is being used by different motor vehicles in Pakistan without knowing the technical, environmental and safety hazards involved in this case. There is little empirical evidence available on LPG usage as vehicular fuel in large cities of Pakistan. This research aims at studying the use of LPG in motor vehicles in Lahore with the view to come up with suggestions to ensure safe and efficient use of LPG in motorized transport. The research methodology adopted involved literature review and collection of emissions data of randomly selected LPG and non-LPG motor vehicles. The emission test results show that use of a cleaner fuel like LPG does not necessarily mean low emissions given older vehicles and 2-stroke engine technology. LPG is being used by different types of motor vehicles mainly because it is economical to use and give much better mileage than petrol or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Specific recommendations concerning the use of LPG and reducing vehicular emissions have been made.


Vehicular Emissions, LGP, CNG, Petrol, Lahore

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Published by Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)

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