Development of Green Concrete (GC) with Brick Dust Waste (BDW) and Natural Fertilizer of Municipal Solid Waste (NFMSW)

Muhammad Arif arif Khan, Saba Ramzan, Sabahat Arif, Saroosh Danish, Muhammad Mushtaq


In this research two possibilities are explored to produce Green Concrete (GC) by modifying the fine aggregates of Conventional Concrete (CC).  A certain quantity of sand is replaced in CC with Brick Dust Waste (BDW) and Natural Fertilizer from Municipal Solid Waste (NFMSW). The major objective of the research is to contribute for sustainable environment by providing the ways for consuming waste and discarded materials and to reduce the utilization of natural aggregates in concrete. The GC is produced by substituting 10, 20 and 30 percent sand in CC with BDW and NFMSW. The properties and gradation of the substituting materials are studied through various tests. The samples are tested in laboratory at the age of 7, 28 and 56 days and the results are compared with Conventional Concrete (CC). The paper concludes that the replacement of 20 percent sand in conventional concrete with BDW is feasible for structural use in buildings and other areas while the modified CC with NFMSW can be used for non-structural purposes because of its low workability and compressive strength.


Green Concrete, Natural Environment, Sustainable Environment, Brick Dust Waste, Municipal Solid Waste, Natural Fertilizer.

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Published by Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)

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